Structural Integration

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a bodywork method for reorganizing the body and it's movements. Bringing back the natural relationship the body has with gravity and helping the person develop her or his human potential.

In Rolfing® we realign the body blocks through working with the connective tissue system. We look at changing the relationship between the parts by bringing awareness, holding things where they belong and asking for movement.

If we look at a human body, we understand that is an aggregate of parts and the relationship between them will determine how is that the structure functions. The way this units fit together depends on the myofascial connective tissue and the way it holds them.

In Rolfing® we work on aligning the myofascial network. The fascial layers comprise the organ of form, the organ that holds the body in a three- dimensional space. Fascia is very resilient and elastic and it can be changed.

Rolfing® is also a theory of movement that looks to integrate the body with a dynamic relationship with gravity, creating a sense of expansional balance. We work emphasizing the experience of the client, enhancing her or his awareness to increase proprioception.

Awareness is what creates change. The rolfer® uses contact to touch the awareness of the client and induce change.